Heat-shrinkable PD Caps – Bag of 500


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Heat-shrinkable, dual wall PD Caps inexpensively encapsulate crimped electrical connections, including those on motor coils. They remain tightly in place for the life of the motor. PD Caps are manufactured from radiation-cross linked polyolefin. With brief heating, the outer jacket of the PD Cap shrinks while the inner wall flows into voids in the crimp, creating an encapsulated and electrically insulated connection.

PD Caps are not intended for use where immersion in fluids is required. An operator can insulate connections at approximately twice the speed of conventional methods, which require tape-wrapping, or slip-on tubing.

PD Caps can be installed in seconds using standard hot-air or infrared heating tools. No special operator training is required.


Inside Diameter Primary 6.35mm
Material Polyolefin
Shrink Temperature +125°C
Colour Black
Minimum Operating Temperature -55°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +110°C
Shrunk Diameter Primary 2.03mm
Series PD Caps
Standards Met UL E85381